Friday, December 6, 2019
WGT World Golf Tour

World Golf Tour: High Quality Online Gaming Fun

If you're a fan of Golden Tee, EA Sports PGA Tour, or simply love golf and sports video games, then you might want to check out what is perhaps the internet’s best...
final fantasy vii, apple app store

‘Final Fantasy VII’ Is Back and It’s an App!

The first time that I heard about Final Fantasy VII was when my cousin received it from Santa Claus for Christmas and could not stop talking about how amazing it was....
sword art online season 1 review

Sword Art Online: Anime You NEED to Watch

Every gamer dreams of becoming a character in one of their favorite games. This dream becomes a reality for Kirito in Sword Art Online. On November 6, 2022, ten thousand players get...
street fighter v, beta

‘Street Fighter V’ Gets New 3GB Update for PS4

The classic Street Fighter V gets a massive new update for gamers. Make sure you clear your space for the beta version. Playable Beta is Closer Than You Think Capcom's upcoming Street Fighter V...
Video Game Bosses

Top 10 Hardest Video Game Bosses Of All Time

So now that we know who the first boss in video game history was, it makes sense to go a little deeper in our ongoing series on “bossness.” In this next...
Pokemon GO, Gotta catch 'em all!

Gotta Catch ‘Em All! – Literally

Oh, you know what this is about. That one franchise about a kid named Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town. Made into several movies, a popular childhood card game, and now made...
metal gear solid V: the phantom pain

‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’ Is Stunning – but Is It Sexist?

I have a confession to make to all the MGS die-hards out there - up till now I’ve never played a single title in the entire history of the franchise. I’m a...
Pokémon Releases New Games in Free-To-Play Market

Pokémon Releases New Games in Free-To-Play Market

“I want to be the very best” is the motto that is inundated throughout the Pokémon series. This is a franchise known for providing their audience with endless hours of fun...

Amazon App Store Is Worth It Just for the Free Android Apps

Apps rule the mobile world, point blank period. People don't go out of their way anymore to check their emails because there's an app (and auto-sync toggle) that does it for...
'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3' Reveal Trailer

‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’ Reveal Trailer Details & Discontent

There's a lot to talk about concerning the newest Call of Duty: Black Ops III coming out this November. Call of Duty has been a long enjoyed game focusing on soldiers and...


Ironman Lives, Sets New World Record!!

More than a few of us had to “discreetly” brush away a tear or two when Tony sacrificed himself and clocked out in Avengers...

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