Friday, November 22, 2019

5 Apps Based on Bad TV Shows

Today, there are so many apps available to download to your Smartphone and tablet. Some apps are awesome and can be used on a regular basis. Then there are those that...

6 Smartphone Apps That Make Life Easier

With the technological developments over recent years, smartphone apps are becoming an increasingly significant part of our daily lives. Whether you need motivation to exercise, reminders for important dates or the...

Lux App: Helps Save Android Phone Battery

Gone are the days when the phone’s battery life would extend up to 3-4 days before demanding a subsequent charge. Smart phones, with power-packed features and rich applications, are not easy...

How to Manage Your Android RAM Efficiently?

The Android OS designed has a ton of capabilities. Among many of its abilities is in-built memory management mechanism that works efficiently to maintain optimal usage of mobile phones. It keeps...
formeetings app

for Meetings App: Streamline Your Work Meetings

The rumors are true. Geeks are smart. So it goes without saying that someone reading a geeky website probably has a successful career. We pander to the technically savvy geek here...

Play Fruit Ninja & Slash Your Way to the Top

Kids these days don’t like to eat much fruit. However, fruits should be considered an integral part of our daily diet, especially kids! Is there any way to get kids interested...

Move the Box – An Amazing Android Puzzle Game

Most of us welcome puzzle games because they have a way of engrossing us and challenging us as well. If you have ever played 'Bejeweled' or 'Cut the Rope' in the...
Linkagoal: A Goal Achieving Social Network

Linkagoal: Social Networking Based on Goals

This new free app founded by CEO Mohsin Shafique is a goal-oriented social network that presently boasts well over 800,000 users since its launch. Linkagoal offers a clean, sleek interface that...

ES File Explorer: Best File Manager for your Android Phone

There is no default file manager that comes with an Android phone. Google probably felt that file managers are rarely used these days, but that’s certainly not my thinking. I am...

Love Fast Racing? Try Asphalt 7 Heat on Android

I just love racing games! Well, not that I don’t like other genres much, but racing games always top the list of my favorite games. Today, I will cover an Android...


Ironman Lives, Sets New World Record!!

More than a few of us had to “discreetly” brush away a tear or two when Tony sacrificed himself and clocked out in Avengers...

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