Wednesday, December 11, 2019

How Does Advanced Mobile Care 2.0 Help You To Keep Your Android Safe?

How about an all-in-one security and performance optimization tool that can keep your Android phone in the best of health? Android Mobile Care (now available in version 2.0) from IObit does...
worst app

Worst App In The World- ‘Hey Fattie!’

Ever wanted to lose weight but don't have anyone who will call you nasty names till you do? There's an app for that now. Worst App In the World Admit it, we've all had...

5 Best Apps for Killing Time

Still recovering from the final episode of How I Met Your Mother? I'm guessing you were appalled by it (like most of the known world). For everyone's sake, I will try...
google native client

Native Client – Google’s Unsung Gaming Platform

Google, is there any corner of the internet you haven't touched? Gmail, Google+, Android, Youtube and Chrome are just a small selection of the many products and services that Google have...

What Makes Nova Launcher Better Than the Default Android 4.0 Launcher?

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich earned rave reviews for its visually appealing Holo theme which also accompanied a default launcher. As it turns out, a significant number of users demanded for...

Best Apps for Your Smartphone That Will Improve Your Writing

Do you want to get better at writing your essays? Does your CV have some really bad mistakes, and you didn’t get your dream job? We have found some amazing writing...

Sphero 2.0 Launches

The original Sphero came out in December of 2011. If you haven't heard of it, then I don't really blame you. It certainly comes off as one of things that only...

Google Updates Gmail For All Mobile Web Users

Google continues to their “spring cleaning” and updates their mobile web Gmail service, renovating the site with a new, attractive look. The new user interface has a better look then the...

Chalk Ball Lite: Android Based Bouncing Game that Can Consume Your Entire Day

The main objective of Chalk Ball Lite is to save a bouncing ball from becoming the victim of gravity! And, all you need to do is draw lines with chalks to...
sky whale, app review

App Review: ‘Sky Whale’ Is a Crazy Fun Time

  What do narwhals and donuts have in common? They're the two main ingredients of the insanely addicting mobile game Sky Whale. The game is a real-life version of the app created...


Ironman Lives, Sets New World Record!!

More than a few of us had to “discreetly” brush away a tear or two when Tony sacrificed himself and clocked out in Avengers...

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