Monday, December 9, 2019

Naked Browser – an Amazing Choice for Low End Android Phones

Not every Android user requires fancy web browsers to access websites. A simple-looking option like Naked Browser can do the trick. In fact, it is a great tool that ensures the...

App Review: Zoodles ‘Kid Mode’

You know how kids always be getting into your phone, sending pictures of their thumbs to your boss, deleting important messages and trying to call long distance to talk to Elmo?...

Best Apps for Your Smartphone That Will Improve Your Writing

Do you want to get better at writing your essays? Does your CV have some really bad mistakes, and you didn’t get your dream job? We have found some amazing writing...

Follow These Steps to Connect a USB Keyboard to an Android Phone

Tutorial: Keyboard to Android The traditional keyboards work absolutely fine, at least for me. Whenever I am at my home, I can type in whatever I want, and if you have a...

Best Android App Finders to Help You Discover Latest Apps

Android has definitely become one of the most used and popular mobile operating systems in recent times. Not only the huge user base, but, there are plenty of awesome apps as...

How to Fix Push Notifications Lag on Android

 Android Push Notification Lag! Anyone who spends a lot of time online, on their PC and mobile will tell you that the timing of Facebook, Twitter or any other service's notification received...
harry potter: hogwarts mystery game review

‘Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery’ Isn’t Perfect, but It’s “Riddikulus” Not to Try It

If you're a Harry Potter fan who's been patiently waiting for your letter admitting you into Hogwart's, you might get a kick out of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. (I know I...
SMS Popup

Open Incoming Text Messages Automatically Through SMS Popup

At certain times, the process of reading text message manually after seeing the notification may not be possible. If you don’t agree, think of a meeting where you are getting constant...

Doomsday Preppers for Android

Remember when we had Zombie Friday on Geek Insider? Wouldn't it be cool if you could pretend prep for the end of the world EVERY day? But, on your phone because...
apps for the elderly

Top 10 Smartphone Apps for the Elderly

Nowadays, smartphones are not limited to the younger generation - more and more elderly people are starting to realize that smartphones are useful and can be fun as well. In fact,...


Ironman Lives, Sets New World Record!!

More than a few of us had to “discreetly” brush away a tear or two when Tony sacrificed himself and clocked out in Avengers...

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