Wednesday, November 13, 2019
road trip apps

8 Must-Have Road Trip Apps

Planning for any road trip involves figuring out what to pack and where you ultimately want to end up, but a truly memorable trip takes a little more preparation. Whether you...
app review: google keep

Google Keep Review: Is It Superior to All the Other Note-Taking Apps?

When Google released its new Notes App, Google Keep, we all presumed it would be just another note-taking app. When I started using Keep, I couldn’t distinguish it from the usual...

Parents Rate Facebook as #1 App Requiring Monitoring

Facebook is the most common social media platform used by teens to interact with their friends and often strangers. It is an easy way to communicate and get updates and shared...
sky whale, app review

App Review: ‘Sky Whale’ Is a Crazy Fun Time

  What do narwhals and donuts have in common? They're the two main ingredients of the insanely addicting mobile game Sky Whale. The game is a real-life version of the app created...
formeetings app

for Meetings App: Streamline Your Work Meetings

The rumors are true. Geeks are smart. So it goes without saying that someone reading a geeky website probably has a successful career. We pander to the technically savvy geek here...
Filmmaking apps

7 Essential Filmmaking Apps to Make Some Movie Magic Happen

Alright filmmakers, you've finally got your script where you want it. Now all you have to do is sell your soul and make your movie. may come to that. While...
Linkagoal: A Goal Achieving Social Network

Linkagoal: Social Networking Based on Goals

This new free app founded by CEO Mohsin Shafique is a goal-oriented social network that presently boasts well over 800,000 users since its launch. Linkagoal offers a clean, sleek interface that...

Wrike Revolutionizes Team Collaboration with Their Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Project Management Tools

Wrike is a well-known American online project management software that helps many companies improve their teamwork and collaboration. Wrike improves communication across virtual teams g, and saves time by notifying employees...
Screenplay Apps

Screenplay Apps: Start Writing Your Screenplay Today

You've just had the greatest idea for a screenplay ever.  You see the scenes, you hear the words and you know the story will work.  Wonderful...the easy part is done.  What...

Cross-Platform Must Have Apps for the College Student

There was a time when the Android and iOS catalogue essentially ran on two different planes. If you wanted to use Apple, you had to go all Apple, and the same...


How to Choose the Ideal Smartphone for Your Needs

We now live in a digital world, where we rely on technology on a day-to-day basis. Whether it is for work or pleasure, most...

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