Thursday, November 14, 2019

Weekly Horror Game Review: SCP: Containment Breach

You don't really know how you got here - wherever "here" is. The folks running the show at the SCP Foundation aren't in the habit of explaining themselves, least of all...

Bang & Olufsen EarSet 3i Review

These days, earbuds are kind of like a pair of  shoes. They've got to fit. They have to be my style. They need to come in a color that I like....

You’re Never Alone: How Silent Beacon Delivers Peace of Mind and Safety to Users,...

A senior citizen, living alone. A new teen driver, taking the car out for the first time. A child, home alone after school. An avid hiker, on a solo trip in...
celestron telescope review

Review: Hands-on with the Celestron Astromaster 114 EQ

Astronomy is one of the best hobbies and, for some, it is a rewarding job. The most important tool you should purchase if you want to study the stars and planets...

Thought Catalog Finally Has An App

Where do you go to when sourcing for the latest news happening in the world? Viral news fanatics will probably pick Buzzfeed. People who live for celebrity news will find themselves...
iClever 3 Color Backlight Bluetooth Keyboard

Review: iClever 3 Color Backlight Bluetooth Keyboard

As technology evolves, new gadgets are constantly being introduced to consumers. Tech geeks are always itching to get their hands on the latest new products and adult toys. Of the newer...
Video Game Bosses

Top 10 Hardest Video Game Bosses Of All Time

So now that we know who the first boss in video game history was, it makes sense to go a little deeper in our ongoing series on “bossness.” In this next...
arcade stick

How To Set Up a Home Arcade System

Think back to the arcade days. Simple, yet challenging games, friends competing to get their name on the leaderboard, and wads of chewing gum lodged on the underside of the controls....

Gamer Gloves – The Next Great Gaming Accessory

Gamer Gloves - The Next Great Gaming Accessory Rejoice, fellow gamers! The tools to bring our gaming skills to the next level are finally within our grasps – literally! What tools, you...
Inu x Boku SS, anime review

Anime Worth Watching: ‘Inu x Boku SS’

What viewers look for first when watching an anime is a good storyline. Then comes good graphics and amazing voice acting. But what would probably be the least interesting would be a...

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