Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with family and friends, but no one said you have to stick to strict tradition. Maybe football and pumpkin pie isn’t your style. This year, don’t suppress your inner geek. Show your guests a fresh perspective on Thanksgiving with these DIY ideas.

Geek-Style Your Napkins

Every Doctor Who fan knows that bow ties are cool. Use these easy instructions to turn your napkins into one of the doctor’s famous accessories.

‘Legend of Zelda’ Themed Napkins

Alternate these Legend of Zelda themed napkins for your table settings. You can create Link’s hat by following the instructions in this video on folding an elf hat. To make it look truer to the game, as in the picture, you’ll need to clip it and tuck the brim inwards. The triforce can be created by folding the napkin into an equilateral triangle and using the silverware to form the inner triangle.

Focus Your Geek with Centerpieces


In Mario games, these flowers grant you the power of fireballs, but on your table they make a colorful focal point. Create your bouquet of fire flowers using these instructions. If you prefer the power to throw ice balls then you can always pick blue flowers instead of orange.

Fairies in a Bottle

Skip the candles and use these fairies in a bottle instead. Much like they bring life to Link in the Legend of Zelda games, these fairies will bring life to your table.

Decorate Your Dishware

Feel free to totally ‘geek out’ on this one. This website gives detailed instructions on how you can put any image you desire onto a plate. Better yet, you can even eat off of them. It’s takes some time to cure so get started now, and they might be ready by the holiday!

More Bow Ties!

Yup, its bow ties, again. Let’s face it, though, they’re an easy and elegant way to let Doctor Who fans bring their style to the holidays. Create your own bow ties or just use these prints, and attach them to the stems of your drinking glasses.

Mario Bros. Mustache!

Bring some humor to the table by putting Mario Bros. mustaches on your guests’ glasses. You can follow this video and use the free downloadable prints from this website. If you want to make it really easy on yourself, just tape or glue the prints directly on a cup.

Switch Up the Refreshments

Skip the eggnog, and go for the Butterbeer. This drink originates from Harry Potter and there are recipes all over the internet. Go here if you want to check out a few different recipes, alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Lembas Bread

Lembas bread is a fun replacement for biscuits or banana bread, depending on the recipe you use. One bite is said to fill your stomach, but assume your guests have the appetites of Merry and Pippin from Lord of the Rings. Make plenty! This website has a couple of recipes and a leaf template to wrap the bread with.

The Golden Snitch

Turn chocolate truffles into the elusive golden snitch by following these steps. Your guests won’t have any trouble capturing this version of the snitch, and they’ll have a delicious treat when they do.

Disney-Themed Cocktails

For your adult guests, try out these Disney-themed cocktails. Don’t worry guys, they’re based off of both male and female characters so you don’t have to drink a princess cocktail (unless that’s your thing). You may need to get creative and make some mocktails for jealous youngsters.

Geek-Friendly Activities

Set out the ingredients for your guests to build their own adipose baby from marshmallows. These cute little creatures from Doctor Who will keep people busy and out-of-the-way of your other Thanksgiving preparations.

For Gamers Who Don’t Do Football

There’s nothing wrong with playing a little football catch or watching a game, but this may not suit all your guests. Set up a gaming station for the geeks in your group, and have them play Madden NHL, instead. Another option is to pop in a party game like Mario Party to appeal to a wide range of guests.

Star Wars-Inspired Turkey Carving


Make carving the turkey a fun task by putting a Star Wars spin on it. Do not ask the guests if they want light or dark meat. Instead, ask if they will join the light or dark side.

Pick and choose from this compilation of crafts and ideas, or just let them inspire your own take on Thanksgiving. No geek is the same, so you can’t go wrong. Whatever you do, don’t hold back!

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