Tuesday, November 12, 2019
netflix june 2018

What’s Coming to and Leaving Netflix June 2018

It's getting hot outside. Why sit poolside and sweat when you can Netflix and chill? June brings a heavy lineup of original content. With very exciting roster additions from the likes...

Nexus 5 Coming This October, at Nexus 4 Pricing

LG may return to partner with Google for the next Nexus phone this year. According to a new rumor, the Nexus 5 will be based on the LG G2 and should...

China’s E-Commerce Giant Alibaba Launching Online Bazaar for U.S.

Nicknamed "China's Google" by the tech industry, Alibaba has set its sights on America, with plans to open an online marketplace for the U.S. market. The site, 11Main.com, aims to provide an online...

Startup Developing Brain Prostethic for Memory Loss

  A startup by the name of Kernel has revealed its plans to develop a brain prosthetic intended to help people with Alzheimer’s, dementia, those who have had a serious injury of...

InFORM: Will It Change Computers Forever?

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology may have brought us one step closer to touchable holograms with their new invention. What’s So Cool About It? The creators; PhD students Sean Follmer, Daniel...

Elon Musk Reveals The Hyperloop

As promised, entrepreneur Elon Musk revealed his plans for Hyperloop last week. Described as the ‘Fifth Mode of Transporation’ (after trains, aircrafts, ships and cars), Hyperloop is the name the inventor...

Apple Watch Wearers Are Unknowingly Making 911 Calls

The SOS feature on the Apple Watch has been around for over a year, providing wearers with an extra lifeline during emergencies. It's activated by pressing and holding the side button...
Pulse Victim's Fund, GoFundMe

Orlando Pulse Victim’s GoFundMe Campaign Sets Record

The Orlando Pulse shooting sets breaking record for GoFundMe’s crowdfunding site by pulling in more than $4 million. Equality Florida's Pulse Victim's Fund Breaks Record GoFundMe, a fundraising site for personal causes and...

Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz commits suicide aged 26

Aaron Swartz committed suicide on January 11     The news revolving around the death of Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz has been revolving around the Internet for quite some time now. Swartz's uncle, Michael Wolf, confirmed the...
Mars Panorama

4 Gigapixel Mars Panorama Created by Stitching Together 407 Photos

A mind-boggling 4 Gigapixel panorama image of the surface of Mars has been created by stitching together another mind-boggling 407 photos of the red planet. Thanks to NASA’s robotic rover – Curiosity...


How to Choose the Ideal Smartphone for Your Needs

We now live in a digital world, where we rely on technology on a day-to-day basis. Whether it is for work or pleasure, most...

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