Moment Smartwatch

moment smartwatch

The Moment Smartwatch is designed to be sleek and fashionable- yet it has a full QWERTY keyboard to quickly respond to texts, capability for games, camera control, music control, and call display. By turning the wrist with the watch side up, the watch face appears on the top of the Moment. Turning the wrist in the opposite direction turns on the alternate display on the inside of the wrist- this is where calls, texts, and other app functions are accessed. Other functions include a stop watch, calendar, and step counter.

The Moment will also have a feature that interacts with PowerPoint so the user can control slideshows from their wrist: all the basic functions of PowerPoint will be accessible with this feature.  The Moment Smartwatch will function paired with an app on the user’s smartphone that will allow customization of which apps are running on the Moment, and control user preferences like vibration, how messages appear, and create customized predetermined texts. Moment Smartwatch’s battery should last about 30 days with moderate usage and will charge using a charging cradle.

Moment Labs has also developing Moment Snapware to be compatible with the Moment Smartwatch. A small square that will snap in to the inside of the smartwatch allowing for hardware expansion. The Kickstarter page describes potential uses to be “biometric measurements, GPS, extended audio, inductive charging.”

The Moment will be available in black on silver or white on gold and in several sizes. Kickstarter backers will also be able to choose an exclusive black on black color option. The Kickstarter offers prority shipping to pledges of $189 for developers but will be the latest prototype models and will not have size or color options. The Kickstarter ends July 24th, 2014.


Oort is a system that allows users to use their existing technology to control everything in their homes and offices-from lighting to tracking pets. Oort uses Bluetooth technology and can be controlled from almost any Bluetooth compatible smart device. Using a central hub and three varieties of beacons, users can set alerts, monitor energy usage, view reports, and track items that have a finder beacon.

The oort systems operates via a central hub placed in the home that communicates through Bluetooth and the Internet to devices and relays information to the app on a smart device. Three types of beacons allow maximum control: a standard beacon can signal alarms when devices are in set ranges of beacons, a temperature beacon to measure temperature wherever the beacon is placed, and a finder beacon to find lost belongings and pets. The oort system can also use presence sensors to monitor security in the home or office. A power adaptor also allows monitoring of electricity usage and lets the user to turn power to whatever is plugged in to the adapter on and off remotely.

The oort has a variety of devices designed to interact with the app and hub to allow total control. An air quality beacon also interacts with the hub and users can monitor the air quality of their homes through the app tracking compounds in the air, temperature, and humidity levels. There is also an oort lamp that can be turned on and off remotely and is dimmable through the hub, a soil humidity sensor for plants and gardening that can send notifications when plants need watering.

The Kickstarter for the oort system ends July 10th, 2014, and backers pledging $499 will receive a hub, two regular beacons, one temperature beacon, one lamp and an oort air quality monitor. Estimated delivery for product to backers ranges from August to September 2014 depending on what pledge the backer chose.