There’s a new and possibly awesome game on the horizon… a dark, dreary horizon overhung by the ominous and never ending snow fall of Impact Winter.


That was a mouthful of a sentence. Sorry about that.

Seriously though, this new game has just been greenlit on Steam for development and it looks pretty fun and original.

Plus, it mentions my home province right in the beginning of the video! Seriously, check it out!


The Story


Impact Winter is a post-apocalyptic survival adventure set eight years after “the Catastrophe’: an asteroid collision that ravaged Earth’s population and buried the planet under perpetual snowfall.

You are Jacob Solomon: leader of a group of survivors holed-up in a remote church. Your story begins when a mysterious radio transmission is intercepted. In thirty days, help is coming…

The World of Ice and Snow


As you makes your way through the vast and unforgiving ‘Void’. This environment has changing environments and specific time-of-day settings that can, and will, directly change the way you play your game.


“’The Void’ is a mysterious environment full of unexpected discoveries. From buried locations that house supplies and resources, to wandering nomads and wildlife. Players will have to contend with both the harsh outdoor weather conditions and the haunting interiors that lie deep below.” – Impact Winter steam page

This beautifully designed world has no barriers, which means you can explore everywhere and anywhere. One really cool thing is that a whole other world lies under your feet! Buildings, ships, airplanes, and presumably danger. The buried buildings are eerie and dark, only Ako-Light is there to light your way. The world is full of wildlife you can hunt, survive harsh storms, seek out the mysterious signals, trade with friendly nomads, and upgrade your base.

But seriously though, the art is really cool.



One unique feature of this game is you get to be the leader of a team of four other survivors (assumedly Canadians since they are more likely to survive in this wasteland). The goal? Make it thirty days until help arrives. Of course, it is not going to be that easy. The Steam page for this game claims that every game will be different since the story can contain tons of random events and difficult team dilemmas that can affect your ending. Will you survive to the end with all four of your followers? Or will you be blindsided by something you aren’t able to fix in time and you end up alone?

These events fall into two categories: completely random (from wandering strangers kidnapping your pals to strange illness crippling another) and scripted events that occur when certain conditions happen (storms damage the Church you live in to depressed team members running away).


Either way, your story’s ending depends on your decisions as a leader.


Oh and you get this guy:

This is Ako-Light, your trusty robot companion. The game creators based him on fictional droids like R2D2 and Wall-E. He has many functions that can help you survive, like exploring the deep underworld of the winter wasteland and upgrades that can make him even better.


You’ll need all the help you can get too since your four survivors will get cold, hungry, tired, and bored just like you. They can get sick, injured, and even die. These NPCs are stat-driven so they have their own wants, needs, and emotions, which means they’ll react to each situation differently. It’s in your best interest to keep these team members happy and healthy because each one has a certain set of skills that can end up being crucial to your survival.

One key part of the game is scavenging because, of course, there isn’t any use for money now that the world has gone to the wolves. The steam page for the games boasts that “features hundreds of items across 7 categories: from ‘Junk’ (which can be used for fuel, or to craft new objects) to ‘Electronics’ (which can be used to repair and upgrade Ako-Light). You may even be lucky enough to find ‘Trinkets’: rare, collectable relics from the old world that will give your team a much-needed morale boost.”


Unique Features


Obviously, one unique feature is your team. They’ll be semi-independent but they will also be looking to you to make decisions and provide provisions. It’s not every day you find a game that mixes a survival game with open-world exploration and team management.


Another unique part of the game is that this is a survival game that actually has a feasible goal. A lot of newer games focus more on endless gameplay than a satisfying story end. On top of that, every game is supposed to be different so each time you play, you’ll experience a different adventure with different events. Anything can affect your story, the weather, play time, your current location, and even time of day.


The Company Behind The Game


This game is being developed by Mojo Bones. They state that the inspiration behind Impact Winter ranges from the Fallout series, Don’t Starve, Oregon Trail and even The Thing and Resident Evil 4.

Impact Winter is set to be released sometime in 2016.

Live it up until then, Manitobans.

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