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Today I will be listing off some of the world’s most loved DIY projects in the tech field, all which will give your home some personality. They are DIY, which will make it that much more fun to see on your walls. These geeky DIY projects will cost half of what you’d pay in a regular store. So, let’s get started.

Lego Key Holder

All you will need for this amazing key holder is some Legos and a little bit of imagination! You can see how easy it is in the image above to create a Lego key holder. You will now have a fun place to store your keys. You can use your favorite characters or even create a cool background that matches the theme of the Lego characters, like Star Wars. Go big!

Rubik’s Cube Tissue Box

This is such an adorable tissue box. All you will need is construction paper in black, red, green, orange, blue, white, and yellow. Then grab some double-sided tape, a pencil, ruler, penknife, and scissors. You can use the box that comes with the tissues you already have or you can create a box specifically for this project. You can find all of this at the dollar store or any craft store. You can find step-by-step instructions here.

Test Tube Spice Rack

How cute is this test tube spice rack? This DIY project will make your kitchen a little more interesting and organized. To create this, you will need a strip of bamboo plywood, glass test tubes, cork stoppers, match test tape, spices, a measuring spoon, brackets, and hanging hardware. You can find the rest of the instructions here.

Comic Book Lamp

This is such a good looking lamp! It will add some geeky and vintage flair to your home. You can purchase any old lamp from the dollar store or even a thrift store. You will also need a can of spray paint in whatever color you desire, comic book fabric, and hot glue gun. This is a cheap and geeky way to brighten your home. You can find more in-depth instructions here.

Star Wars  Clock

This is such a geeky way to tell time! You will need to find a clay circle 12″ in diameter (you can also use wood), print out a death star, find some white & black paint, a paintbrush, toothbrush, hanging wall clock kit, permanent glue, flat Lego bricks, and 12 Star Wars Legos. Sounds like a lot, but this project is actually really simple! To get step-by-step instructions, you can go here.

Instead of buying expensive geeky gadgets for your home, now you can make them yourself for half the price! Let us know in the comments section if you give any of these geeky DIY projects a shot or if you have any other ideas we need to know about!

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