Friday, November 22, 2019

QuizUp: Become a Better Geek

Think you know everything about your favorite book, TV show, movie, band, or game? Consider yourself a bit of a history buff or science nerd? A new app allows you to...
mobile gaming

6 Mobile Gaming Apps to Keep You Entertained This Summer

With summer upon us, many of us would like to do some travelling and since we rarely take our desktop PCs with us, mobile gaming is the only way to go....

Why the New iPhone 7 is a Gamer’s Perfect Friend

Just like every year, Apple’s flagship device started raising some serious noise as soon as it was launched. Some jumped straight into criticizing the headphone changes and the price-tag, while others...
neko atsume

Neko Atsume: A Primer

Neko Atsume, a mobile game available on Android and iOS, debuted in October of last year, but hit the US with a vengeance over the summer. The fact that it was written entirely...

Introducing an Unholy Marriage of Addictions: Flappy48

Why is it that we are so attached to these tiny games on our phones? They don't have the complexity of Skyrim. They don't have the free reign of Grand Theft...
mobile gaming trends

The Mobile Game Trends Making Waves on Our Smartphones Today

The Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store are jam-packed with great mobile games today. Smartphone gamers are increasingly having their thumbs kept busy with games that are genuinely beginning to...

The Best Devices for Online Gaming

It used to be that you had to visit a land-based casino to get a game of Blackjack or Roulette or to spin on some slots, but this industry has evolved...
witcher 3, video game release schedule 2016

2016 Video Game Release Schedule

Here is everything we know about the video game release dates in 2016. This list of games will hopefully help you plan out your gaming calendar for the next few months and beyond. You...
'Fallout 4' gameplay-customization-news

New ‘Fallout 4’ Gameplay Details Will Give You Life

Let's be honest, Fallout 4 is going to be great. Gamers everywhere can't wait for it to be released, as shown by the huge number of people who have downloaded the accompanying Fallout...

The Rise of Mobile Gaming

Long gone are the days of home based games consoles being the leading video game portal. Now, that dominance has been met and overtaken. By the smartphone. Mobile gaming stats now...


Ironman Lives, Sets New World Record!!

More than a few of us had to “discreetly” brush away a tear or two when Tony sacrificed himself and clocked out in Avengers...

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