Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Nintendo Direct 3.8.2018: What the Heck Nintendo?!

For any Switch fanatics out there, and gamers in general, March 8, 2018 heralded our attention because we were all waiting for the news and information on our long anticipated games...

App Review of Toy Crush

Toy Crush is a puzzle-style brain game created by Match 3 Fun Games. It is rated E for everyone, and it also contains a variety of in-app purchases for players. It’s quick...

Best Mobile Games Based on Movies

Ever since mobile phones and tablets became the gaming console of choice for the majority of casual gamers in the world, there has been a boom in mobile game development that...

Mobile Revenue Smashed Once Again by Zynga

There is no doubt that we are living in a mobile world, and as our lives become even busier we are increasingly depending on our phones for many things besides keeping...

The Evolution of Mobile Gaming

Our mobile phones have such a long history. No one could have ever imagined that the sophisticated sleek smart phones we have today could have evolved from those simple dull handsets...

Where Can Mobile Gaming Go From Here?

In the past year we’ve seen everything from augmented reality hits like Pokémon Go to simple platformers like Super Mario Run that show us that mobile gaming is here to stay. But...

Best Gaming Apps for your Android Phone

We get it, sometimes we use our phone to ease our boredom. Whether we are stuck on a heavy traffic jam or under plain dull circumstances, we tinker our phone to...
mobile gaming trends

The Mobile Game Trends Making Waves on Our Smartphones Today

The Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store are jam-packed with great mobile games today. Smartphone gamers are increasingly having their thumbs kept busy with games that are genuinely beginning to...
mobile use

Mobile Use Increasing Steadily

Online gaming or e-gaming popularity has seen an exponential rise and has become a global business. This is mainly due to the advancement of mobile technology and promotion by social media. In...

Play Retro Games on the Go!

If you own an Android phone then you know it's great for playing games. What if you want to play a retro game? Where do you go? Are there any options...


How to Choose the Ideal Smartphone for Your Needs

We now live in a digital world, where we rely on technology on a day-to-day basis. Whether it is for work or pleasure, most...

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