Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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How Xbox One Checkin Will Become A Massive Headache

Now that E3 is here we are getting even more information about the next generation consoles, the PS4 and the Xbox One. With that plethora of information comes good will. New...

Gamer Gloves – The Next Great Gaming Accessory

Gamer Gloves - The Next Great Gaming Accessory Rejoice, fellow gamers! The tools to bring our gaming skills to the next level are finally within our grasps – literally! What tools, you...
The Order 1886

The Order 1886 New Trailer- Is It Just Looks Alone?

With violin music hauntingly reminiscent of the American McGee's Alice series of videogames and visuals so pretty you want to take them out on a date, the preview of The Order...

Great Game-Play Glitches in The Sims 3

For storytellers and gamers alike, there is something special about The Sims that just warms our hearts. Whether you've been with the franchise from the beginning, or jumped on the bandwagon...
'Five Nights at Freddy's'

Looking Back at ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’

When I say 'Chuck E. Cheese,” what kind of flashbacks do you have? Are they rambunctious and colourful, or do you have horrible, war-like memories of the infamous ball pit? Regardless...

Microsoft Announces $399 Xbox One

Microsoft has announced that they will be releasing a Kinect-less Xbox One to hit stores June 9th for only $399. Xbox One's with Kinect will still be available in stores at...

‘Octopath Traveler’ Gets a Release Date, Character Reveals, & More

Breathtaking Artwork Last September, Nintendo released a Direct that featured a new game demo for a working title: Project Octopath Traveler. Octopath's development team made the hit 3DS game Bravely Default. From the...
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Need an Offline Console? Get Xbox 360, says Microsoft Exec

Microsoft did disappoint quite a few gamers when it announced that the new Xbox One will require you to connect to the internet once every 24-hours. However, the company’s Executive Don...

EA Surprises Follow Up, E3

Just days before E3, EA’s DICE studio released a video to promising they had surprises in store for audiences. The video featured DICE Studio’s General Manager, Karl-Magnus Troedsson promising “Surprises” and “Awesome...

The Best Devices for Online Gaming

It used to be that you had to visit a land-based casino to get a game of Blackjack or Roulette or to spin on some slots, but this industry has evolved...


How to Choose the Ideal Smartphone for Your Needs

We now live in a digital world, where we rely on technology on a day-to-day basis. Whether it is for work or pleasure, most...

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