Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Samsung Galaxy Tab S – Why It Is the Choice for Gamers

The entertainment options today are virtually endless. Our computers and mobile devices offer us so many opportunities. Most of the people born after the 1980s probably don’t even remember what was...

Tablet v Laptop: The Classic Debate

So you’re looking for a new laptop or tablet but you don’t know which to buy? Well, it all depends on what you intend to use it for. They are both...
android tablets

Top 3 Android Tablets of 2016

The list of viable Android tablets continues to grow. All of them enjoy rich feature sets as well as powerful hardware. Deciding which tablet is perfect for you isn’t easy. You’ll...
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Specs, buzz, tech, rumors

Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Release Date, Specs, and Rumors

When the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 was released, its slogan announced that it was "The tablet that can replace your laptop." This claim, which was actually fairly well delivered upon, put...

Microsoft Takes Aim at Apple in Cheeky ‘Surface Pro 3’ Ads

Microsoft has been pushing big for its Surface devices since their inception, none more so than their latest edition, the 'Surface Pro 3'. Starting with the Surface Pro 2 and ramping...

iPad mini Retina Gets a $70 Price Drop

Discounts on recently released Apple products are a rare thing indeed, but when they do go on sale, often they get bought up pretty quickly. Fortunately there's a little bit of...

Cheap Tablets And The Lottery Of Budget Electronics

We’re seeing somewhat of an arms race when it comes to cheap Android tablets, with retail outlets of all shapes and sizes pumping out slates aplenty to offload at eye-catching price...

Jungle Warfare: Amazon Bites Apple with Kindle Fire HDX Promo

In an obvious nod to Apple’s hypnotic video presentations, Amazon has produced this commercial comparing their new Kindle Fire HDX favorably to the latest iPad Air. It makes for a refreshing...

iPad 5 Rumors Roundup

Now that the iPhones are finally out, focus is slowly shifting back to the other big item in Apple’s inventory – the iPad. Expected to be unveiled at an Apple event...

What to Expect (And Hope) from today’s Apple Conference

The countdown is well underway and nearly complete for Apple's Announcement Conference today. Today a new range of iPhones and iPads will be unveiled to the world. This is fairly certain....


How to Choose the Ideal Smartphone for Your Needs

We now live in a digital world, where we rely on technology on a day-to-day basis. Whether it is for work or pleasure, most...

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