Wednesday, November 13, 2019
Galactic Con

Galactic Con Coming to Columbia on June 16

This year’s Galactic Con in Columbia, MD will help to raise money for a worthy cause and also provide the opportunity for geeks to grab up some amazing collectibles and comics. Comic...

Kawaii Pixels Shop Owner Tells Us About Her Cute Creations

We can all agree that, as a geek, one of the best things about conventions and the internet is the ability to find unique pieces of nerdy memorabilia that are both...

Balticon 52 Is Going Down on May 25 – Here’s What’s in Store

Sci-fi and fantasy fans won’t want to miss the annual Balticon event on May 25-28. Dozens of authors, editors, artists, scientists, and publishers gather at the event, which is touted as...

Baltimore’s Universal FanCon Promises to be Geek Gathering for the Ages

The first-ever Universal FanCon will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center April 27-29 and will provide attendees with an interactive as well as educational experience. The inaugural Universal FanCon set to...
Your Name, J.J. Abrams

The Problem With J. J. Abrams Giving ‘Your Name’ a Live-Action Makeover

Last year, one of the greatest films in anime history came to us from CoMix Wave Films. It was a story following the ancient Japanese legend of the red string of...
Baltimore Comic Con 2017

Baltimore Comic Con 2017: Comics, Costumes, Art, and Celebrities

Comic book lovers, collectors, and cosplayers once again turned the premises of the Baltimore Convention Center into a vast celebration of all things cartoon and fantasy during the 2017 Baltimore Comic...

100 Episodes! ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Comparison and Review

This Saturday, Dragon Ball Super will reach its 100th episode. This article will review the series thus far and list the best things about Super, the 5 worst things about Super,...
Awesome Con 2017

AWESOME CON returns to D.C. this Friday!

Awesome Con, the mid-Atlantic’s largest and most popular comic book convention kicks off Friday June 16th and concludes Sunday June 18th. Awesome Con is a nationally known comic convention, each year...
GameStop Closing stores and other geek news

GameStop Closing 225 Stores Worldwide and Other Stories in ICYMI, The Geekly Roundup #3

Another week has come and gone, just like that. And that means I've got to make another one of these bloody things. Lucky for you, A LOT has happened this week,...

Is YouTube Helping or Hurting Anime?

When YouTube was first getting popular, I remember joking with my brother that anything you needed to watch was on YouTube. Whenever someone did something amazing in the world it's up...


How to Choose the Ideal Smartphone for Your Needs

We now live in a digital world, where we rely on technology on a day-to-day basis. Whether it is for work or pleasure, most...

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