Sunday, May 27, 2018

Cameron Pitts

Cameron Pitts
Cameron Pitts grew up in the east suburbs of Dallas where he eventually served as a Marine in his late teens and early twenties. He's now a college student, a job coach for the developmentally challenged, a craft coffee barista, a fiance to a beautiful hair stylist and a texpat living in the wooded Upper Peninsula of Michigan just off Lake Superior. When Cameron's not working he's usually netflixing with his fiance Anna or out kayaking the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior with his soon to be in-laws. Cameron's favorite beverages are designated to the time of day and the day of the week. You could find Cameron anyday from morning to evening sipping on a medium roasted sun dried arabica seed from Costa Rica, typically with a couple extra espresso shots pulled for density sake. Sun down would surely mean there's a cherished stemmed glass held high in his hand toasting Anna to the day's work. Cameron wishes he were something closer to a Sommelier but he doesn't take the time. Saturdays and Sundays he likes to imagine he's upholding some southern heritage by pushing a mower across the lawn shirtless with a mosaic blonde harnessed in a Texas flag koozie. Cameron is a button up layered with a cardigan wearing, come over having pseudo-professional but still just kid from them east Dallas 'burbs at heart.


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