How To Buy The Best PC Gaming Monitor

The monitor is an essential part of a gaming setup. It’s very important so that you can have a solid, smooth, and high-fidelity gaming experience. The sad case is that many...

Doctor Who Season 12 Tries To Reclaim Past Glories

Here's an analogy that will only make sense to our British readers:- the eleventh season of Doctor Who was like Marmite. You either loved it, or you hated it. If you...

Was 1989 a Pivotal Year for the Mandela Effect?

If you’ve read my past spins on the Mandela Effect, including changes to the Bible and popular things from my childhood, then you know that I am, what I consider, extremely...

How to Keep All of Your Gadgets Safe From Hackers and Malware

These days, almost every household owns multiple smart devices. Your household probably uses multiple smart phones, tablets and laptop or desktop computers. Your TVs are probably smart, and you might also...

Exclusive Interview With the Cast of ‘The Mandela Effect’

What a week this has been. From the exclusive private screening of The Mandela Effect to meeting with writer/director David Guy Levy and co-star Robin Lord Taylor, Geek Insider has been...
December Movie Preview- 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' (Source: IMDB)

December Movie Preview: The Rise of Blockbusters

As much as we want to keep talking about Baby Yoda for the foreseeable future, let’s take a small break from him to reacquaint ourselves with Rey, Finn, Chewy and Leia....

Exclusive: Interview With ‘The Mandela Effect’s’ David Guy Levy & Robin Lord Taylor

I had the awesome pleasure today of speaking with the writer/director and cast of The Mandela Effect, releasing in theaters and VOD this Friday, December 6. As I said in my...

Private Screening Movie Review: ‘The Mandela Effect’

I just completed an early screening of The Mandela Effect and I have to say folks, I think you’re going to love this one. Most of you know that I’m already...
Bandbox Dire Straits Cover

Bandbox Unboxed Vol. 5 – Dire Straits

Prepare your turntable to receive some heavy rotation bangers vinyl fans, ’cause there’s a new, deep dive record box in town, and you’re gonna want to get your mitts on the...

Sci-Fi and Drama Meld in the Forthcoming Film “Fatherless”

Soon Sci-Fi fans and movie festival audiences will have the opportunity to view a wonderful new film starring Chad Eric Smith and Michael Mau and written and directed by William M....