It may be called MCM London Comic Con, but comic books aren’t the only geeky things to be found there. While I certainly had a blast talking to Steve Penfold, artist for Moon, and playing the upcoming Deadpool game, something must be said of all the crafty boys and girls that showed their love for geek culture with their own unique crafts.

Retr8bit – Video Game Inspired Hand Crafts

mcm london crafts

Despite being nestled amongst retro game and Japanese merchandise traders, Retr8bit’s video game hand crafts immediately caught my attention. Created by Matthew Kibble, these brightly coloured, hand made trinkets are made of 2.5mm (1/10th of an inch) wide mini Hama beads which are lightly ironed together.

By simply converting each pixel of a retro game sprite to one mini Hama bead, Kibble is able to put iconic video game characters and icons in the palm of your hand. While Retr8bit’s range of jewellery and accessories covered the likes of Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Mega Man, Minecraft and more. Kibble is able to make custom designs of essentially anything.

You can have a look at more Retr8bit wares on their FacebookEtsy and Twitter pages.

Idle Status – Custom 3D Printed Figurines

mcm london crafts

The ability to print objects is being more accessible with every passing day. GianClaudio Camattari of Idle Status has jumped in on the action and has started selling customisable, 3D printed figurines. Looking at his table at MCM London, made it was clear that Camattari was onto something truly unique.

At this moment in time Camattari offers what he calls his C.A.P. Figure which, can be modified prior to printing on request. The C.A.P. Figure can then be painted or inked in any way the buyer sees fits. Once the basic model is created and painted, additional extras such as alternate hands, faces ears etc., can be glued on.

At MCM London Camattari told me that his 3D printed C.A.P. Figures are a relatively new project that he plans to build upon once demand increases. The Idle Status figures and accessories can be purchased via ShapeWays. Check out the Idle Status website for more information as well as Camattari’s quirky webcomic.

Geeky Cat – Video Game Inspired Homewares

mcm london crafts

Like with Retr8bit’s table at MCM London, Geeky Cat’s range of colorful pillows, bags and plush toys were impossible to resist. Geeky Cat owner Hazel’s homewares were adored with imagery from video game favorites like Mario and Zelda, but also from slightly less “cuddly” games such as Half-Life, Mass Effect and even the table top classic Dungeons and Dragons.

By far my favourite Geeky Cat offering was the Mass Effect Paragon and Renegade pillow cases. You’ll undoubtedly see something you recognise if you check out the Geeky Cat Etsy page and Geeky Cat blog.

Amazing Cake Co. – Geek Culture Cakes

mcm london crafts

Geek culture inspired pillows, models and jewellery are all well and good, but you can’t eat them. Amazing Cake Co. had the backs of hungry MCM London visitors with their absolutely charming array of delicious looking cakes.

Each cake was topped by a different design taken directly from the likes of Japanese anime Fullmetal Alchemist, Marvel’s Iron Man, Portal‘s Weighted Companion Cube, Minecraft‘s Creeper and more. At this moment in time Amazing Cake Co.’s website is still under construction, but check back periodically to see more geeky cake goodness.

Many More Geeky Crafters are Waiting to be Found!

The four crafty sellers at MCM London are simply a small selection of the wonderful geek culture inspired crafters out there. A quick search with your favourite search engine will unearth a plethora of unique people with equally unique crafts.

Perhaps you already know of a great geek culture crafter. Let us know who it is by leaving a comment below. Maybe you’re a crafter looking to get word of your work to the masses? Be sure to get in touch with Geek Insider via our contact page!

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