Final Fantasy 15 Demo Release

Final Fantasy 15 Has Leveled Up

It's been a long time coming. Final Fantasy XV is on the list of “hyped about” titles for 2015 and 2016. Even though the excitement has been swelling these past few months especially, SquareEnix's road trip taking, beast fighting pseudo-boy band isn't new t... READ MORE

E3 2014 Recap: Microsoft/Xbox

Miss the Xbox One Media briefing?  Here's a full list of everything that went down. The day started off with developers arriving on the "Green Carpet" featuring host Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) A few developers were nabbed, but none could share any informa... READ MORE

‘Below’ is Coming to PC

The PC version of the Xbox One exclusive rogue-like action game, Below, will be coming to Steam. It was initially thought that the game would be an Xbox One exclusive with it being published by Microsoft, but it was clarified that the game would be released  o... READ MORE