Avengers #16

Comic Book Review: Avengers #16

Avengers #16 continues the countdown to Marvel's big Infinity event next month. But as part of the ongoing “Prelude to Infinity”, what new revelations will Avengers #16 bring to the ever expanding Marvel Universe? What does the birth of the Earth's newest orga... READ MORE
avengers #14

Comic Book Review: Avengers #14

Avengers #14 is here and with it comes the first chapter in Marvel's Infinity event. That's right, after months of wading through writer Jonathan Hickman's “Marvel NOW!” world building, the Avengers series is finally picking up speed. But is this self title... READ MORE
avengers #13

Comic Book Review: Avengers #13

Avengers #13 is the most important comic book to come out of Marvel's doors in recent weeks. Outer space is a large, scary place and the vast unknowns of space have never been as important as they are in the “Marvel NOW!” event. With the unexpected return of t... READ MORE
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Comic Review: Avengers #12

Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man and the rest of the Avengers are back in Avengers #12, and this time they're learning to appreciate the hardships of parenthood...? Not only that, but they're hanging out in a prehistoric jungle inhabited by dinosaurs. As usual, comi... READ MORE
Marvel Infinity

Comic Review: Infinity

There may be comic readers out there that snicker at the idea of Free Comic Book Day itself, let alone a review of one of its free issues. But the quality of this year's offerings is undeniable and completely worthy of analysis. So join Geek Insider as we revi... READ MORE