GameStop Closing stores and other geek news

GameStop Closing 225 Stores Worldwide and Other Stories in ICYMI, The Geekly Roundup #3

Another week has come and gone, just like that. And that means I've got to make another one of these bloody things. Lucky for you, A LOT has happened this week, so strap in and prepare to receive your booster shot. And lucky for me, I am a great and world-clas... READ MORE

The Geekly Roundup Part 2: Fate of the Furious, Netflix’s New Hit Series, and More!

Hi folks. Been a while. Welcome to the "second" (read; first post hiatus) edition of the Geekly Roundup, formerly the Geekly Ramble, Geek Insider's recap of all things newsworthy in the world of tech, business, comics, film, games and geek culture this past we... READ MORE

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